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Perfect Websites offers a service called "Website Maintenance."

Maintenance here means:

- regularly updating of your website

- checking for errors such as obsolete web site links

- watching the website's ranking on the major search engines

- making the necessary adjustment to website search engine submissions

Why is Maintaining and Managing your Website Important?

Successful websites don't become successful or stay successful unless they are maintained. This is the same principle as regularly changing a storefront window. If a window display in a department store stays the same season after season all year long, it seems to loose some of its impression on the public.

Likewise, most websites need to be updated with new information, such as: new products, prices, sales or specials, useful information, a newsletter for potential or present clients and customers, etc.

When errors appear on a website (missing image, obsolete links, etc.) it seems to look unprofessional. Errors appear for several reasons; corrupted files, incorrect website coding, removed links, etc., quickly correcting these problems brings your website back to it's original and professional look.

Approximately ten major search engines handle 80-85% of searches on the Internet. Each search engine has its own criteria for ranking of websites, and they do change periodically. Perfect Websites follows these criteria closely and performs changes when needed. We also follow our clients website ranking on these search engines and make the necessary adjustments to keep their ranking high.

What does it cost?

We offer website maintenance plans for small, medium, and large sites.

Plans start from $ 100.00 per year for 5 pages, $ 150.00 for 10 pages, $ 195.00 for 15 pages.

Website maintenance costs may vary for commerce business sites due to the amount of content that is required to be updated and maintained for effective marketing results.

Please contact us for more information.

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